My name is Erik Todd Dellums.  I am an actor and voice over artist.

I AM here to share love, laughter, inspiration and joy through my work, thoughts and deeds.

I am represented by Atlas Talent Agency (NY/LA) (AtlasTalent.com)

NY Contact:  (212) 730-4500

LA Contact: (310) 324-9800

I welcome you on this journey.

Will you walk with me?

You can also follow me on Twitter@ErikToddDellums


7 Responses to About

  1. Offering myself up as a sex object. Again.

    • Vincent van Gogh says:

      Are you still soliciting for sex Eric…I thought you stopped that back at Washington & Christian! Blast From The Past! Funke’s legal assistant… okay secretary! Vincent van Gogh. I hope all is well with both you and your Mom! Please tell her I said “Hello!”

    • Holly says:


  2. Lou Aronson says:

    Erik-Lou Aronson here. Married to Ami Becker who used to live upstairs from you @ 3299 K. Love to connect with you about your political voice. Check us out http://www.VOTIFI.com and give me a shout Lou@Votifi.com

  3. pk davis says:

    please keep writing.i do so enjoy your musings.we met once on Houston street in NYC right after your stint as Luther Mahoney.I remember you were quite gracious when i complimented you on your craft.Can’t wait to see you onscreen again.

  4. Karen says:

    My bank account?? You can do better than that.

    Erik – It’d be fun to run into you at the grocery store again. Or one of my gigs. Vicino’s? Just trying to refresh your memory. 🙂
    I really enjoy your posts. Thank you for them.

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